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Most Comprehensive Critical Care Analyzer for the ICU

20 tests including new tests for iMg, Urea (BUN), and Creatinine


Comprehensive whole blood testing

  • Blood gases, Chem 8 metabolic panel, lactate, Hb, Hct, and CO-Oximetry.
  • Broadest electrolyte panel for full assessment of electrolyte status.

BUN and creatinine for kidney assessment

  • Over 50% of patients admitted to the ICU will develop acute kidney injury.1
  • Only Prime Plus provides optional whole blood urea (BUN) and creatinine (plus eGFR) tests for rapid assessment of kidney function

Reduced turnaround time with POC testing in the ICU

  • Rapid, POCT results in about one minute with simple, one-button operation
  • Helps facilitate faster diagnosis and treatment
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Prime Plus test menu includes:

  • PO2   PCO2   pH   SO2%
  • Na   Cl   K   iCa   TCO2   iMg  
  • Glu   Lac   Urea (BUN)    Creat  
  • Hct   tHb   HbF*   tBil*
  • O2Hb   COHb    MetHb    HHb

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*Not yet available in the U.S.




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