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BioProfile FLEX2 combines Nova’s groundbreaking MicroSensor CardTM technology with optical measurement and
freezing point osmometry for an automated and comprehensive cell culture analyzer that eliminates chemistry sensor
maintenance, increases analyzer speed, and reduces sample volume. The full, 16-test cell culture menu includes:
Gluc, Lac, Gln, Glu, NH4+, Na+, K+, Ca++, pH, PCO2, PO2, total cell density, viable cell density, viability, cell diameter, osmolality.

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Automated Cell Culture Analyzer with Maintenance-Free Chemistry and Gas Sensors


Chemistry and gas biosensors are combined in the credit card sized MicroSensor Card, which uses proven Nova biosensor technology that has been validated in thousands of cell culture processes. Cards are maintenance-free, have a minimum use life of 21 days and are replaceable in seconds.

Compared to the previous generation BioProfile FLEX, there is no maintenance for any of the 11 chemistry and gas sensors (Gluc, Lac, Gln, Glu, NH4+, Na+, K+, Ca++, pH, PCO2, PO2), sample volume is reduced by 75% to 265 μl, and test time is reduced by 50% to 4 minutes. Automated sampling from 96-well plates, syringes, or a 24-position external “load-and- go” sample tray as well as a high capacity 48-position osmometer, provides maximum workflow flexibility and efficiency for cell culture monitoring.