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Standardize Blood Gas and Critical Care Testing with Nova Prime Analyzers

Largest Selection of Critical Care Models, One Common Operating Platform

Standardize on One Platform

Stat Profile Prime and Prime Plus analyzers can provide different whole blood tests for critically ill patients in any hospital department including the ICU and ED, as well as outpatient centers, clinics, and urgent care centers. Our MicroSensor Card™ technology and calibrator and QC cartridges offer the flexibility to meet the specific test menu and throughput needs of any care setting or patient population. One standard platform can simplify operation, implementation, and training while providing individualized screens and access for each department.

Allows menu customization for each department

Providing the broadest menu available allows a hospital or clinic to configure the analyzer to meet the specific need or clinical setting. For example, Prime Plus can be configured to provide a Chem8 in the Emergency Department and separately, in the ICU, a complete electrolyte profile, Blood Gas and CO-Oximetry panel to assess a patient's care continuum. Each analyzer can be configured to show only what is needed in a given clinical setting.




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